About This Website

About the Baha’i Faith Network and this Blog

The Bahai Faith Network has been online serving enlightening Web pages since 1996. I’ve decided to turn the domain into a blog so that myself and a group of Baha’i scholars will have a place to post fresh information on a daily basis. Static pages are good, and you will find quality links to erudite Websites along with a massively growing selection of restored documentation from the old site, and new documents too as they come forth.

Now however, other corrupt, censored and violator run forums, such as AOL, and the “hobf,” will in no wise be able to quell, bash, slander, or delete content that we have so diligently, and with love for God and mankind, prepared for the Web!

This blogs Mission Statement is clear and is directly from the Hidden Words of Baha’u’llah, that is:

“To spread the sacred verses abroad and to refute what is vain and false”

In this spirit we address the World!

Feel free to participate by leaving comments or sending an email with sincere questions, which we will post and answer as time allows.

We hope to meet you here in Baha’iberspace!

“The world is but one country and mankind is it’s citizens” -Baha’u’llah

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