2009 Prophecy Camp at Dreamtime

This year, from July 16 – 20 we held the Prophecy Camp at Dreamtime Festival in Paonia/Hotchkiss, Colorado.

Below is the schedule of the presentations given:

Schedule of Presentations at Prophecy Campus, Dreamtime 2009

Friday, July 17, 10am:

New Jerusalem in the Rockies

See exactly how the Rocky Mountains fulfill the New Jerusalem prophecies from the Book of Revelation. You are in the Promised Land, come see the verses and clear proof.

Friday, July 17, 2pm:

Islamic Prophesies

A detailed look at the prophecies for the world of Islam and how these are parallel to the expectations of Christians and Jews alike as well as many other religions. Hear how some of these have already been fulfilled and have been a major factor in the ongoing “War OF Terror.” and what is coming next.

Friday, July 17, 7pm

America’s Spiritual Destiny

What the founding fathers knew about our collective destiny and the clues and prophecies they have left behind that are now revealed.

Saturday, July 18, 10am

Kabbalah and the Tree of Life

The Sephir Yetzirah (Book of Formation) written by Abraham is a graphic depiction of the Divine Plan. You will leave this presentation knowing the deepest secret of Kabbalah!

Saturday, July 18, 2pm

The Great Pyramid of Giza

A Chronological Book of Prophecy in Stone! See how the entire prophetic cycle is constructed into the only remaining of the original seven wonders of the world.

Saturday, July 18, 7pm

The anti-Christ and the New World Odor

This beautiful and wondrous world we live in stinks! Why? Find out where the origin of this smelly corruption and war mongering comes from and get a peek at who the anti-Christ is. You will be very surprised!

Sunday, July 19, 10am

Has this Catastrophe Been Foretold?

Find out what has been prophesied to come to the earth creature that thinks in the abstract and comprehends the intangible.

Sunday, July 19, 2pm

Native American Prophecies

Caretakers of the land and ancient prophecies, Native Americans have safeguarded some of the most accurate prophecies ever given. In depth presentation, Hopis, navoti, Mayans, Black Elk, Wavoka, the Turtle people, Fire Clan tablet, the glass house and the “5th world” we are about to enter.

Sunday, July 19, 7pm

Holy Grail Mystery

Moving beyond the speculations of books like the Da Vinci code, learn the truth about the royal bloodline and lineage of Christ that continues today and what it means for the peace and prosperity of our global civilization.


Where you there? Hundreds made it through the camp and saw presentations. We would love to hear from you? Feel free to leave a comment…


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2 Responses to “2009 Prophecy Camp at Dreamtime”

  1. 1 Peace
    5:10 pm on July 23, 2009

    Dreamtime was a big teaching effort and attendees to the presentations are calling in already to set up their Firesides classes. WE heard nothing but good but one guy thoght we we saying his grandma was the antiChrist. He wasn’t paying very good attention.

    Oh well…

  2. 2 alvin warrior
    1:01 pm on June 28, 2011

    Hello people and greetings time locked friend! Imagine us in this ocean of times now? I’m writing for you, ya’ll my incredible life span of compassion be what possibly a thing determines and signifies true electrifying spiritualism into a specific undying end? Yes, I want to welcome ya’ll into our (Deities) reality, just think of us forever! As now! I’m reminded of us over times past and recently about what I am, so fully capable to find our way out! I’m so glad to have finally gotten to know ya’ll again about me alike never been forgotten! It’s been some fifty years that we’ve never known each other yet strangely all is famous? Ever since you were just young innocent ones, not born, as I’m alike once a jaded teenager (no longer interested) for us all as we’re all broken up into lost unfriendly peoples. Please forgive how long it’s been since our lives past showings relates into today’s reality as ancient symbolic matters alike, memories innocently forgotten. Well there’s a reason I would like to help ya’ll with getting into recalling ya’ll other odd things involving times lasting ideas from our past, hopefully we’ll soon share! HUH! Yes there’s another real symbolic thing I really would like ya’ll to know about our point of view from reasons main Deity’s special cause. Our God’s involved! Well before thinking of ya’ll, again from other days we’ve lived quite differently apart yet grown somehow similarly alike just not long ago but nowadays. I was with two nice friends, one’s visionary friends of mine both are from great State of South Carolina. And so here! They’re Mrs. Lindsay and Eric Trumpy who not long ago one, Lindsay foretold me about you and me, how we’re all going to become friends in June! Understand that my Cherokee friend, adoring Mrs. Lindsay who once informed me about things and by her clairvoyant findings, of ya’ll and about today’s tomorrows! Alike, I’m to further my good fortune in this life’s symbolic age? I will again be united with past a new perspective reason involving times? Mostly because I would have to reunite with a former admirer, (me) who I once overlooked! So I had to try and recall how it was and when it could be, I found me again! This godly guarded symbol was all about living old times of caring as who I am today! Lindsay said, this person, which is I am in past times (sign) became someone who I somehow shied away from and ignored. So, I’m thinking from that time onward. What do I remember about me in the past somehow someway getting lost! As guessing from an old time car accident but just not really remembering its death happening! Back when I got into getting so confused disregarding me forgetting all about that affair of me alone. But Lindsay said to me that it’s my last chance for me and in times past of incident that I would know about in June! Or it would never be about how true this rare viewpoint is to get it all straight for me! So again maybe you’ll think about us again and becoming truly another dream’s friendship (sign) for the Orb Deity who wants for us, as for my Godhead‘s want is to revisit us all alike together for my own second renewal in this one’s lifestyle! Then we all can again become world’s togetherness symbol along with others of this earth during and after mankind’s nuclear war which will happen by our world of change! You’ll see it’s like God’s plan in your reality! Within this following story, that’s below I will explain alike written history too you my darling peoples! Since you’re not forgotten, and known within times circle of good friend’s real spaceship! We all care for you as I want you alike my aboard hostage! Because I am truly known for being alike peoples born in era of 1950‘s endless era! As America’s #1 chart hit of 1957 “Alvin ”and Chipmunk song sung and other invented musical lyrics was for teenagers be Rock-N-Roll change from olden yet newly against (Christian‘s Trinity) the “Father,” “Son,” “Holy Ghost” alike “Three Nephites” of twelve Apostles (Mormonism) story of “Jesus Christ’s” whose storied Great Mystery messianically resurrected appearance came from Jerusalem into western Americas! Later by Wewoka in 1890’s “Ghost Dance” sung songs as songs of my own “Cha-Ma” (Ponca‘s) town way, now I’m claiming Ba Ha I faith alike Great Orb’s (Deity) as I’m alive within time of Maya’s universal Milky Way Galaxy 2012 ending! I am Cha-Ma, Ponca Indian of White Eagle, Oklahoma Tribe. Then about I am 171/2 years old compassionless individual and whose near death experience was replaced by his vision story’s Great Mystery! Remembering this battle of minds in 1972, March 31st way back when I’m unaware intoxicated from drinking beer, by some friends of those days we’ve all gotten into drunken night accident awhile speeding car’s wrecks into parked car on Lake Road! I would then end up as dead in hospital and bed for a few days before seemly returning back for High School, resuming life’s supposed daily schedule at my age. Ever since that then accident it has put this embedded vision into my soul and mind as “conscious energy” of my own choosing as into divine play? In the vision! I’m alive floating and being up there traveling outer space and wondering what, where, why and how did I arrive, alike I know to be all this that I am? In later times of recall from past years of that old time injury came within space? I’m remember like natural ability of learning to know all, are from within myself, answers to all of my first questions, I’m pondering! While I’m in flight, I hear music again? So, I want to know where and from whom that sound is about for me. When it’s coming too me I notice I am alike from inside a fireball vehicle! And pivot traveling downward toward earth yet I don’t want to until I see some large black musical notes, all the notes there even more strange is all are in a straight long line floating upward away from our planet! So when I do stop my flight it’s inside a cloud where I can see below a figure standing on some stand or platform area down below (actual) me standing in front of a microphone on life’s stage and I believe and know now in real life it happens just like where my story continues below with the following description of my reality back in 1973 at Kaw Dam and Lake of river location! Because it’s when I had my first close encounter of the third kind! A real symbolic “Great Mystery” by someone else (me) somehow also it’s to me? That May day of 1973, I was to encounter this giant Orb while I was so sad and unhappy walking uphill from the mankind’s deep hole dug within that river way as Kaw Dam’s future Lake site and construction project across the Arkansas River east of Ponca City, Oklahoma! Prepared by the Brown and Root, Gardner, Construction Company of Texas! While yet walking away just dejected and damn understandingly detached as where cleverly arose my fate of future! Since I somehow caught a glimpse back from the future, another kind bright light strangely striking me, alike a laser light hits onto the right side of my face and my corner of right eye area! I immediate look around area but detect no source from the beaming light hitting me, or anyone standing close enough by and with a flash light! But, anyway it caused me to stop dead in my tracks! Like a dead man I’m amazed! I seemly was experiencing actual déjà vu and mindfully I’m pondering why! So, what’s the next move? I made my way looking upward and through partly overcast sky and there it was (me) where I detected through clouds above seeing something very strange bright pulsating whitish light, and (my) round blinking UFO object making stranger movements like the SUN only its decreasing into smaller sizes yet again grows back into larger size all awhile that ball object’s spinning real fast! And I’m seeing at the same time, like it’s time has stopped, yet that strange Sun was traveling sideways in both directions one way at a time going across, around that partly cloudy sky! That strange SUN was really dancing and so I had begun belief remembering alike becoming a “Seer” of “Great Mystery” from olden Ponca’s ancient traditional SUN DANCE sway! Who’s the human beings worshiping their “Great Mystery” as old ceremonial habit! And I thought to communicate back to myself that that Orb just wasn’t normal for me to watch! Yet only after walking away from that frozen time, and occurrence! Within nervous thoughts, plainly about what such a strange and weird sighting had just become real into my dormant consciousness! I had never thought personally of this experience was such a close encounter of Ponca’s “Great Mystery!” I was like really detached, just internalizing my thoughts away from seeing such fantastic imagery even as I’m shaking my head from side to side believing its truth! It’s just not right what had I witnessed! I had see UFO’s before, but at long distances at night! I’m thinking to myself again? I’m no one, important and whoever else would or could believe my storied sighting was true, but me alone! So, again I stopped to look back upward at what I thought had just occurred, but there was no sign from above! That’s when I fatefully again pivoted, turning further southward and discovered yet another even scarier, stranger sighting than the one before! There about some twenty five hundred yards above and away from me was another giant inverted, bottom up sided round flying saucer facing me! A giant Orb hovering, with grey scorched surface panels not shinny plus stopped, motionless above! I instantly thought to recover my sense of well being from another time’s stoppage? Again with shocked feelings! I directly started talking, too that spaceship, about me believing and thinking it must have been around long ago once during old time dinosaurs roamed the planet! It might have even been the very thing that killed off all dinosaurs creatures. And it was now here to do the same too, me! I remember feeling even more sad and seemly more bewildered with this phenomenon within me of “Great Mystery!” So, I told it a story of me that if the Orb would grant me another second chance in life! I would want to become a better person, and with that said; I also wanted to be a father and family man since I was not able be with my first try or second as onward be heavenly holy matrimonial attempts. But I got no response from that spaceship as it was just there remaining silent suspended silently up above and doing nothing! And, so I continued explaining myself to it, saying Orb that I wasn’t getting any feedback back from it and with no concern from it! I was going to leave and never discuss its emergent into my life, too anyone else. And, I just walked away and never gave that wishing experience another thought of me or to anyone, not even my wife of those times. This symbolic life descends into some dream of holiness! And “ Alvin Ray’s belief is that most of whatever was assumed as Deity was in reality “figurative” thoughts from that spirit whose body is planet earth” as structured sway illustrates outpouring of energy from the center of our galaxy that eventually forms this planet earth! Back in 1977 and when I was living in White Eagle house with my three members family. I had a strange encounter aside other signs of times but once by huge tarantula spider as it came from Peyote Deity into the house and made me think to participate in a peyote meeting over at old man David Buffalohead’s place. Well I’m over there and into the nighttime meeting and during a pause of inside service I decide to go outside of Tee Pee to have a smoke when and while I am alone out there I encounter a ten foot tall figure whose transparent so I can see right through the figure! I stop dead still but standing unafraid and spoke to the Alien Being saying, I know symbolically who he is and I’m not afraid of it! That’s when wow the tall figure changes into a small dog shape landing on the ground straight in front of me and just trots off into the field! This symbolic event and it’s for real consequences are recounted in “Ones tale” of the fallen goddess, Manitou whose name means “wisdom.” This “Head” term is for a cosmically invasive process of true, conscious, dynamic as flesh and blood! Ray-ism (sign) manifests sensory worlds by dreaming, rather than by the artisan like act of creation attributed to the biblical father god. “The Ray-ism is Maya serpentine (winding) but not Christian reptilian snake).One of the massive luminous serpentine currents swirling the galactic core burst beyond the boundaries of the real core. Science like symbolism recognizes that the galactic core has a boundary, but a soft, porous one, like the yellow of an egg. The structure symbol of our galaxy conforms to a standard model, the regular (heart chamber) ventricular spiral: an egg-shaped rotating core surrounded by limbs or spiral arms. The extent of the rotating arms is vast, but the arms themselves are thin, so the entire galaxy has the symbol shape of a pancake with a central bulge. (I like pancakes) The dynamics of this core is fullness differs from the dynamics operating in the spiral arms, called the emptiness, “deficiency, incompletion.” There is my true difference between endless and fixed possibility. The core is like a fountain head perpetually erupting with boundless, undefined potential. In the spiral arms of this cosmic scale capacity scales down into the relatively limited, but still immense, potentiality of celestial events, including our planetary systems where experiments in life can unfold. The galactic core or hub consists of a concentrated mass of high-energy currents, the cosmic gods. Its composite mass is pure stellar energy, the stuff that stars are made from, in a state of excitation that precedes and impedes the appearance of any particular form. Form arises inside the emptiness, the realm of set potential. The composition of the outspreading galactic arms is not pure stellar luminosity but residue, the granular elements of past worlds. The entire galaxy is a vast glittering pinwheel that acts like a grinding mill, our future worlds from the residue of former ones. It’s a circular, raised structure, dense elementary matter range in the spiral arms, and has some self-organizing properties but for the most part they are lifeless. The circular, raised structure (vision symbolism) can produce suns, planetary systems, comets, nebular clouds, and so on, due to its own inherent dynamism, which is largely inorganic; but to produce living systems it requires activation from the galactic center. Hence, Sons (Me) may be born and planetary systems formed in the circular, raised structure, but for sentient life capable of self-awareness to appear in those worlds there must be an “input” from the galactic core. In the normal course of cosmic events, I recall experiencing this true story while living in Little Axe community east of Norman aside Lake Thunder Bird! Where one day in 1983-4 I was walking around my second wife family’s place and noticed a shadow also walking aside me but far away from me at different space away and cause it’s up aside this hill! And I’m below hill where was no one else is standing making that shadow above as the Sun was straight above me! There was no angle for shadow to be coming down from the hill jumping up and down when I noticed it just was following me around the yard like me! Just think (I am) Ray-ism currently symbolic remains dynamically within the boundaries of the galactic core. Alike, to generate objective testing in worlds arising into galactic limbs, Ray-ism can project their power of intention (reflections) outward while remaining where we are. Consider the likeness of massive hologram, ellipsoidal, oval shape, reflector spotlight inside a white (Tee-Pee) canvas tent. I experience this déjà vu feeling back in May 17, 1980 before reporting to Kay County Jail for weekend sentencing I was placed under by Judge, and me a student at OU, having come trekking from Norman! That late afternoon I walked into town and sat under a tent revival meeting watching an unusual unfolding and occurrence by spiritual display of events! Afterwards of leaving ongoing meeting I was walking along South Pine Street going to Newkirk! When I noticed peoples aside my journey me going northward seemly there’s a lot of whispering about me alike they knew from symbolic tent encounter in shade of where I just left and of symbolism consequence under tent like cosmic structure overhead I sense, over above entire town of Ponca City all about my ordeal in me coming from one strange happening of that abstract revival episode and later where some guys in pickup truck tried to shoot me but I challenge them shouting out loud my reprisal shall be by ending this world on the spot! The holography powers are generators, bulbs, and mounting apparatus of these lights remain within the cosmic tent, but they can project beams through the canvas walls. Hitting Earth! So does this Ray-ism, like the cosmic divinities, project their intentions and designs into the fullness without engaging dynamically all the emptiness, the dense elementary matter display? Then they observe what happens in the interaction between the inorganic field of the emptiness and the sentient-organic projections they have “seeded” into it. It could be said that the gods, Ray-ism “lights above,” project myriads of truer fullness experiments to entertain themselves. This view of divine purpose recalls the concept of, (This was me in 1973, 80) “divine play.” And so it goes to show in the usual course of planetary events. The designing powers at the galactic center—Rays headquarters, if you will—allow for free play of never-ending potential, trial and error, newness and advance, in the experiments they use. Knowing this “Mother Earth” is not a matter of belief: it is a vision quest for the entire human species. Recognition of Manitou, the wisdom of the earth, was common to all local peoples in former times. In the classical age of Pagan religion, Manitou was known by many names: Magna Mater, Isis, Demeter, Great Mother, Great Goddess, and White Woman Goddess. The names given to Deity in tribal cultures run into the usual thousands. If Manitou is regarded as the divine spirit that enlivens the entire planet, i.e., the informing intelligence of the planet, then we can imagine how the vision quest of our species might unfold: by expecting the virtual reality of the material and sensory world, we move into deep bondage with the mysterious source of life itself. The divine powers do not interfere with an experiment in progress; otherwise they would not be able to see how it plays out on its own terms. But there can be exceptions in the planetary order, and Manitou’s plunge is one of them. “The world as we know it came about due to a slip! The “slipup” is a failure rather than an out-and-out mistake. The Manitou commits a misstep or overstepping of astronomic boundaries and a mistake arises as a consequence of Ones boldness. My Manitou’s becomes enmeshed within the experiment she has projected, forced by her own duress, as it were, to go interactive with the subjects and conditions of the experiment. The dilemma faced by the oneness goddess is the crucial plot factor of the fallen goddess scenario. Of course, there may also be other fullness experiments where something similar occurs. Maya deities are a multi-world perspective, even a multi-galaxy perspective. The test asserts that there are many lights above. It may be that we will get optimal insight and benefit from the fallen goddess scenario if we consider it to be unique to our world, describing conditions specific to the earth. If the saga of the Ray-ism, and Manitou specifically describes an event in this galaxy with actual consequences for the planet earth and humanity, as I am convinced it’s so, then we would do well to concentrate on our unique Ponca situation before speculating on what happens elsewhere or, ultimately, what happens in the scope of the Universe, the totality of all galaxies. The Manitou allegory, as it may be called, is not, technically speaking, a creation legend like the Biblical account of creation in Genesis. Rather, it is a release saga consistent with the From Greek oneness, “dream.” Ones: of or relating to dreams or dreaming. This quest is about how we, the living, sanctify ourselves to the divine source of alert and being life. The challenge of this quest is to realize how we can live interactively with the direct source of all life, rather than lingering blindly, inactively in need losing it. The first step in meeting this challenge is to learn and practice a vision story of the divine presence of this earth, Deity Manitou. “When Alvin dreams that he is dreaming, he awakens inside his dream.” Conscious Dreaming” it’s a call into conscious dreaming, ones signal of a chance for the human species to correct and direct its course of experience into this unique moment of past time. This gesture is rather like a flare that calls attention to an opportunity: namely, the chance to awake in a dream and, doing so, to realize that the dream is not ours alone but the expression of the living earth Deity. In 1980 May 19, I had trekked across State of Oklahoma and Counties of Cleveland into Kay. Upon my return trip back and toward Norman I remember illogically encountering “Day of God” or Manitou! And I’m just passing through Ponca City stopping along the way happily sitting against large shade tree in south park area across old south-side town’s School McKinley of Ponca, resting after some walking from Newkirk. After I’ve already passed Mom and Dad’s house I decided to go on home instead of staying in Ponca City. Spiritually I’m feeling like going back onto Norman as soon as possible happily leaving town to make my way back too Donna and our family. I began walking from north side of town down through old neighborhood on down to south side of town’s memory lane. Resting and seated in park next to a tree across from old McKinley school wherein olden times we all lived and played sports, running around, ball games all where, great memories I had chose to understand was close by old home. Then past times in question arose and as I sat there drinking and thinking, about myself with detachment. I am there, happily thinking, staring into sky like looking east direction and slightly looking above into horizon. Seemly like Buddha’s deliberation, I too, became enlightened and clairvoyant within “detachment” and could see a cloud above form into a flatten flying disk shaped structure right before my eyes that appears to slowly navigate its way toward my invaded situational arousal causing me to rethink my position and change over to different location immediately as soon as possible! What happen next is also strange and begins soon after when I’m walking away from park area. I get onto state highway sixty going westward, and making my progress onto state highway. I attract, a male driver in some pickup truck that stops asks me where I am going and I tell him; “I am going to Tonkawa.” He replies he can take me close to Tonkawa, a place called Bo Dock, a westward area. I agree and off we go toward Tonkawa and me too friend Royce Montgomery’s farmhouse. The whole time while inside pickup truck with that fellow, I find out he is running for Sherriff of Kay County and is one strange drunken person that’s loaded to the gills! Later, I decide to walk westward from place where truck driver drops me off? Afterward and strangely walking down this roadway, Royce’s brother is driving his car bye me, and stops asks where I am going, and I reply, Royce’s house. Again, we’re driving his car around countryside roads and listening to his car radio enjoying our time together. Strangely, we’re both hearing suddenly a radio station and Preacher talking about a lecture of end of the world topic? Joe Montgomery asks me his weird question, “Do I think Jesus Christ is coming back?” My reply is; I believe He is coming back some day, and Joe’s reply is no, I mean today! I than recall saying back to Joe, I hope not, because I am not ready! Eventually making our way to Royce’s house where again strange and more interesting events begin happening when we all get together enjoying time of day playing rock-n-roll musical recordings. I start things going because I have already become enlightened and clairvoyantly speaking away to Royce saying; “I can see these entire aura’s around everyone’s bodies as balls of light that are inside; you, Royce and the others!” Together Royce and I converse and with others try to figure out dilemma of having too much fun! We, meaning Royce and I decide to walk outside and see if I can produce more of the same magical feats of atypical manifestation. When Royce was inside room and house before later he asks me if I can still see the light but I’m confused and overwhelmed with ability inside of me and that of organic light’s feelings takes us outside into open field where Royce has stuck in the mud his tractor sits. Royce asks me, if I believe for a strange instance, his stuck tractor and will it start after setting for months in muddy field? I reply; sure just get aboard and turn on key! Royce does just that and sure enough, the tractor’s engine fires up and again Royce asks me if I think he should try to get it unstuck with the trapped plow coming out from the ground? This time my reply is no! Because I reply too Royce and I am thinking about Manitou showing organic lights are feelings liken extra High Ocean waves and are feelings like we’re submerged under lazily drifting huge thoughts waves now having overtaken all my senses. That’s when looking around area, I notice that there’s a bunch of cars all have arrived and are parked all around Royce’s house and in roadway, of neighbor’s yard, parked alike all in row at Movie drive in theater with speaker stands lots. We are conversing amongst each other as to what is happening, when again, I declare to Royce; I can change this world structure and would he like me to begin believing, when suddenly I also hear a strangest noise coming from above our heads! I ask Royce if he also could hear that strange noise and he says what strange noise, he can’t hear it! My thoughts are racing and feelings of danger are for Royce and so I then immediately shout loudly upward into sky just saying to UFO (Orb) go away and come again another day! Afterwards Royce and I walk back into house but another very strange thing happens when we’re all listening to radio and messages takes place after all of us start listening to radio stations across its dial! Because everyone station and orator is talking about the end of the world that one in particular was also St. Helens the volcano is now erupting in Washington State as evidence of this world’s calamity! And chaotic change are happening all around and everywhere so everybody should go to church immediately without delay and begin praying to Jesus Christ because, he is returning to Earth at that very moment in time! All the stations were saying same thing to radio audiences May 19 1980. Later in 1999 I was researching 1980 experience for University of Oklahoma as film project and asked Liz King if she had heard about that radio broadcast being end of the world and she said, yes! I then replied, what did you do when you heard its instructions? She said I did like the man said and I went collecting empty pop bottles and filling them up with water!

    Read these related Manitou and Ray-ism idea dealings which results are, as have occurred outside of the Galactic Core of Milky Way System. The natural desire of our Manitou who dwells above, which also is named for a power contained in the Organic Light of Deity, being once removed from the fullness, together with her passion, they relate to having, as a matter of course, become violently agitated in those places of darkness and space to which Manitou had been exiled, forms galactic outlets, or spiral arms. For Manitou was excluded from light, Organic Light, central stellar mass of the galaxy and the fullness was without form or figure, like a premature birth, because Manitou had received nothing from a male parent and or Manitou’s counterpart, Deity. But the Deity, not the St. Paul savior who dwells above took mercy upon Manitou; and having extended itself through and beyond the frontier of the galactic center Deity passes on a figure to her, but just as valued matter, and not so as to suggest cleverness configures alike extensive life-forms evolving in her earthly remains, but didn’t impose on our natural stupidity or life-plans, i.e., earth-based instinctual plan. Having effected this, Deity withdrew its power, and returned, leaving Manitou to herself, in order that the Manitou, becoming sensible of her suffering as being severed from the fullness might be influenced by the desire of better things while she possessed in the meantime a kind of aroma of immortality left in her by Deity like the Holy Spirit an afterimage of the Manitou, “undying healer,” agent. Once in my own Ray-ism sign of times, along with first wife Larraine Wilson we had married into an untimely birth. And our design it adopts the striking image from the real life drama which uses the word “abortion, premature fetus.” This peculiar allegory is unique to Ray-ism cosmology. It’s a spiritual guide in my dream times! It applies helps in a general way to the accidental impact of the Manitou and dream I’m having upon the realm of gigantic affair in the spiral arms, i.e. a splatter effect, like a half-cooked egg omelet spill onto the planet kitchen floor. Manitou impact on plain matter outside the galactic nucleus quite simply produces a terrible mess. In a more specific sense, the untimely birth / abortion / premature fetus image indicates spiritual group of Ponca’s’-like persons that go off from this impacted neighborhood, the seed. The fallen Manitou does not merely produce a messy display in the outer regions of the galaxy, our emptiness. Due to Manitou super sentient powers as a Manitou, she unwittingly causes strange kinds to spring into life. The seed takes the form of Manitou muddled mishap, like an untimely birth. That is, they have the form of a prematurely born human being, “neonate.” It so like first wife’s abortion happens, big surprise, which the embryonic-neonate form is the way humans have come to imagine alien intruders, as above so be it below. The power of the Eagle symbol is this: it is not just an allegory. Rather, it is a kind of probe that can extract from human imagination a spirit presence looming in the depths of our mind and in the depths of the universe as well. In Carlos Castaneda’s final book, The Active Side of Infinity (1998), Don Juan challenges Carlos Castaneda to resolve man’s intelligence, verified in so many achievements, with “the stupidity of these systems of beliefs… the stupidity of his contradictory behavior.” Don Juan relates this manifest denial in human intelligence to what he calls “the focus of subjects,” “the most grave area in order of life and death.” This Eagle is predation. To the shocked surprise of this novice, the elder craftsman explains how the human mind has been infiltrated by an alien intelligence: We have a marauder that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The Eagle intruder is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so…

    It was among my association with the Deity or Orb, before my divorce from wife, Larraine back when I left working for Conoco Oil Company in 1975. Back before when she once also encountered the three Nephites floating above our trailer house in 1973 dressed in full NDN regalia she thought was her dream memory before I awoke to leave for work and she asked me who and what were they doing out and above us? But I never told her I was outside standing under them floating and reading their brass plates which has inscribed my name on them as I am chosen to live forever by their God of Gods! Then I began truly enjoying the Great Mystery’s instituted ideas and Divine advantage provided into my own reality as “reactive variations!” I could then begin conscious energy thinking as being my own Extra Sensorial Perception gift. The summer 1975 I was free and alone again since the Orb’s undoing of my mistaken days in matrimony and ill-fated death of our loves, fetus baby. To which I was so childlike naïve about its happening within my life or by the Orb of common man

    The story above tells of my search for that reason I found but to be a Goddess of another thought was by God of Universe, so it all leaves me still unhappy and without a companion. Also, in truth I use to make OU win national championships and still do direct Pro Sports and reality by way of television watching as a past time of enjoyment into ESP! Hope you understand my reasoning and desire for you…

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