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Bahai Hands Of The Cause

I was milling through some stuff that I thought was lost after my last move and I found this article I wrote back in 1995. It is pretty good stuff and really, really digs into the authority, or lack there, of the Hands of the Cause under the guardianship of Shoghi Effendi.

I hope you enjoy the read. Feel free to talk about it in the blog thread also. Here is the link to:
The Authority Of The Hands.


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1957 Hands News

Thanks Colin for finding this press item from Time, in 1957, about the controversy of the Hands and the succession issue. The article follows and is followed by a link to the Time news archives.
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Opposing Shoghi Effendi: excerpt from “Entry By Troops” by J.T. Lamb

ONCE upon a time not so long ago a group of people went against Shoghi Effendi in a very offensive way. This was for their own aggrandizement and empowerment. To go against Shoghi Effendi is strictly forbidden by God as written by ‘Abdu’l-Baha in the Will and Testament of ‘Abdu’l-Baha on page 11. To disobey him [Shoghi Effendi] is to disobey God:

“Whoso rebelleth against him [Shoghi Effendi]… hath rebelled against God; whoso opposeth him [Shoghi Effendi] hath opposed God;… whoso disputeth with him [Shoghi Effendi] hath disputed with God; whoso denieth him [Shoghi Effendi] hath denied God; whoso disbelieveth in him [Shoghi Effendi] hath disbelieved in God; whoso deviateth, separateth himself and turneth aside from him hath in truth deviated, separated himself and turned aside from God.”

Shoghi Effendi, not having a biological son to succeed him, set up a non-biological son successorship in a council in embryonic form that everyone was to turn to upon his passing. This council was an embryonic Universal House of Justice, and was called the first International Baha’i Council. It consisted of two parts: the executive head and the legislative body, in conformity with ‘Abdu’l-Baha’s Will and Testament, which is the charter for the World Order of Baha’u’llah. Anything else would not be Baha’u’llah’s Universal House of Justice. He placed ‘Abdu’l-Baha’s adopted son to be its president, setting up the executive branch. All of its nine members were also appointed by Shoghi Effendi, forming the body. This council was to go through four stages to become the Universal House of Justice. It was, with the membership appointed by him, to become a world court on Mt. Carmel in 1963. Later its body (not the head) was to be elected to form the International Tribunal, that was to bring peace to the world, then it would effloresce into the Universal House of Justice.


No place in Baha’i scriptures or in any of Shoghi Effendi’s writings or discourses are the “Hands” designated to be Shoghi Effendi’s successor or to take over after his passing. In fact the “Hands” ceased to be Hands with the last breath of Shoghi Effendi. They are to function only under the direction of a living guardian, that is, under the direction of Shoghi Effendi. They claimed the authority, that it was them who were to carry out Shoghi Effendi’s plan. Then the defunct “Hands” went against Shoghi Effendi. They took over and prevented the Baha’is from turning to Shoghi Effendi’s successor, the first International Baha’i Council, and set up an administration of their own that is strange to the Baha’i faith, going against each and every one of Shoghi Effendi’s writings for the establishment of the Universal House of Justice. There was not one thing that was spared—a complete violation of everything that Shoghi Effendi stood for.

This is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of Entry By Troops by J.T. Lamb

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142-Year-Old Man discovered!

Headline: 142-Year-Old Man discovered!
How likely is it that you would believe such a headline?
If a man was born in 1855, in 2007, he would be 142! Do the math. Believe!
OK, there is a catch … the man is no longer alive.
He was “discovered” in a cemetery.

In a similar manner, thousands of seemingly intelligent people have been fooled.
See if you can detect the catch in this scenario:
Each quote is from the same man from the same document which is his Will and Testament.
“And now, concerning the House of Justice which God hath ordained as the source of all good and freed from all error, it must be elected by universal suffrage, that is, by the believers.”
Are the believers the only persons composing this House of Justice?
“By this body all the difficult problems are to be resolved and the Guardian of the Cause of God is its sacred head and the distinguished member for life of that body. Should he not attend in person its deliberations, he must appoint one to represent him.”
Did you find the catch? The Guardian is a member for life.
When the Guardian is dead, he can’t attend in person.
Before he is dead, he must appoint some one to represent him.

When walking through a cemetery, you may discover a 142-year-old man.
When examining a sect of the Baha’i faith, you may discover they have a House of Justice without a living Guardian. The blessed and infallible Shoghi Effendi (who was the Guardian) died in 1957.

So what?
“It is incumbent upon . . . the Hands of the Cause of God to show their obedience, submissiveness and subordination unto the Guardian of the Cause of God, to turn unto him and be lowly before him. He that opposeth him hath opposed the True One,”
Why would Baha’i’s risk opposing God trying to interpret that they still have a Guardian?
Doesn’t the Will and Testament quoted above indicate the Guardian must be alive?
I think Baha’i’s have been hoodwinked by the Hands who do not want to be subordinate to a Guardian.
I think the Hands have made up a theology they like better than to be obedient to a Guardian.
I think the Hands don’t encourage people to read the Will and Testament for themselves.
I think a Baha’i sect without a living Guardian is a covenant-breaking sect.

“What deviation can be greater than breaking the Covenant of God! What deviation can be greater than interpolating and falsifying the words and verses of the Sacred Text,”

(All quotes taken from ‘Abdu’l-Baha’s Will and Testament which can be found on page 140 of the pdf found at
I encourage you to read his will and verify that the quotes above are indeed those of ‘Abdul-Baha.

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The “Orthodox Files”

This section of the old site, which deals with claims by Marangella, that he was the guardian, have been updated and restored to Bahai Faith Network. You should check it out. There is a link under the “pages” listed to the left or you can just follow this link to the main Orthodox Page.

Enjoy the reading and feel free to leave your comments.


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