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The 9 Manifestations of God

According to Adam and Moses and Krishna, Jesus, Mohammad and Baha’u’llah, there appeared nine manifestations of God to Earth in the past 6000 years. These are the great independent prophets, or “mouthpieces of God” who appeared progressively over time to educate and spiritually edify and ultimately unify all mankind.

I want to share some details of this plan, called “Progressive Revelation.” These are the nine prophets of God and some interesting information about each. I hope you glean from reading and understanding what follows.

Name Year Where Appeared

Adam 4000 BC Mesopotamia (Iraq)

Theme/Message Principle Works Establisher

God Consciousness Great Pyramid Gizeh Enoch Read the rest of this entry »

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Mistakes in Evolution and Religion

First of all, since I am loyal to Jesus, I believe in the messengers that Jesus said would come. These include Muhammad and Baha’u’llah. It was Baha’u’llah who explained that there will be no conflict between true science and true religion. This makes me happy for several reasons–it will eliminate bad science and bad religion.
Bad religion includes some nut who has his followers drink poison when a comet flies overhead.
Bad science includes Darwin’s theory of evolution. Read the rest of this entry »

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Baha’i Press Releases are Back Up


Several of our press releases are now posted as pages here on this blog. I am sure you will find them most interesting. Especially in light of recent events!


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Welcome to Baha’i

Hi, I’m Jeff. Thanks for visiting our exciting new online center. We’ve just begun to turn this site into a reality. Many of us who will be contributing to this site have our own particular areas of expertise. We’re all coming here together to create a repository of knowledge that we hope to be interesting, enlightening, and unique. By having many different authors for this one sight we hope to build a diverse database of knowledge about the many world religions. All have unique and fascinating histories, prophecies, and revelations which are each equally valuable from one another. I’m excited at the prospect for sharing my own perspective on these matters, as well as learning from the insight of my peers. Please visit often as we plan on contributing and expanding our database daily.

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