News Releases

Directory of Baha’i Faith Press Releases.

Here it is! Your treasury of knowledge and information. From Baha’is Under the Provisions of the Covenant (BUPC)
to the world via the Internet. It is magical in its simplicity. Just relax and enjoy the reads…

Releases by Neal Chase

Meteor Strike (10/31/2001)

World Trade Towers (9/11/2001)

Covenant of Death (11/26/97)

World Civil War (7/9/97)

Mabus Must Die (2/15/95)

Releases by Robert Wright

Ballistic in the Balkans (4/3/99)

Assassination of Saddam (11/12/98)

Releases from Victor Woods

US Nukes Iraq! (1/1/98)

Baha’i Addresses

Address to Seattle’s An Inter-Religious Gathering for Prayer in a Time of Crisis (2-12-98)

Letter to President Clinton regarding Iraq (11/9/97)

Statement Regarding Iraq

We hope you have fared well from the information presented at this page. The Baha’i Faith is the answer to the problems of the world. Baha’u’llah is the second coming of Christ seated upon the throne of King David! Hearken, with sublime ears. Baha’is are the Peaceful Warriors.

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