2011 National Rainbow Gathering Review

This year, 2011, the National Rainbow Gathering was in Washington State about 30 miles Southeast of Mt. Saint Helen’s. It was an excellent gathering. There may have been 15,000 to 20,000 people throughout the two weeks of Gathering. I was there solo this year so I had no assistance to build a Camp Baha. But I was able to give two presentations.

The first talk I gave on July 2nd, “”Currently Fulfilling World Prophecies,” was given for about three hours in a teepee located over at the Green Path camp. They had a real nice spot and a great scene there with lots of interesting workshops. About 15 people attended the presentation.

The second talk I gave on July 5th, “Cousinry of the Prophets,” was about 45 minutes in the meadow at the Medicine Warriors” camp, which was also a sweet location just across the river from Dun Dun Village. About five people came to that talk.

I got there on the 28th and immediately plugged in as a staffer/volunteer over at Kid Village where I worked my butt off digging a trench pooper, hauling fire wood, cooking and serving food to thousands, and I gave three sleight of hand Magic shows as “Mundane the Grate,” one on July 3rd, another on July 5th and a third for the adults on the 6th.

The site was great but it was cold and wet until the July 1st, when the weather turned unseasonably good for the next 7 days.

No LEO’s (Law Enforcement Officers/Federalis) were patrolling the entire gathering thanks to the local Sheriff, who carries a US Constitution in his wallet and advised them to not harass us and not to come into the gathering site unless called for with an emergency.

The first day of vision council, on July 7th, it was about 10 to 1 nominations for Montana in 2012. If it is in the Rocky Mountains next year in 2012, I’m sure we will have a large contingent of Baha’is at a Camp Baha teaching about the kingdom of God which is now established on Earth.

Where you there, in Washington this year? leave a comment.

I may be going to my first World Rainbow Gathering in Brazil, January, 2012. Hoping it comes to pass!


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