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Part 9 – The Romance and My Reaction.

It is important to read this Testament from the beginning. It starts here:

I guess what happened next is that Neal and Victor got together on Sunday and none of the other sIBC members showed up. They were probably at the regular scheduled weekly sIBC meeting and could not make it to both. So, according to Neal, all the appointed members of the sIBC were no longer part of that council because they had “abandoned their posts” by not coming to the meeting Neal called for. Today, in hindsight, this is all a bit fishy smelling.

So, while Nefratiri was driving to Missoula, Neal told me I could do more good for the Cause if I were actually located down in Glenwood Springs. So, I said, “Sure Neal, I’ll go be your helper down in Colorado now.” Nefratiri arrived in Missoula shortly after I departed for Glenwood Springs. I believe that this is when Neal and Nefratiri’s romancing began. Read the rest of this entry »

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The 9 Manifestations of God

According to Adam and Moses and Krishna, Jesus, Mohammad and Baha’u’llah, there appeared nine manifestations of God to Earth in the past 6000 years. These are the great independent prophets, or “mouthpieces of God” who appeared progressively over time to educate and spiritually edify and ultimately unify all mankind.

I want to share some details of this plan, called “Progressive Revelation.” These are the nine prophets of God and some interesting information about each. I hope you glean from reading and understanding what follows.

Name Year Where Appeared

Adam 4000 BC Mesopotamia (Iraq)

Theme/Message Principle Works Establisher

God Consciousness Great Pyramid Gizeh Enoch Read the rest of this entry »

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Chicago Tribune Bahai Faith Discussion

There is a very interesting, and heated, discussion about the Wilmette Baha’i lawsuit against the BUPC, over the right to use the word “Baha’i” in our teaching efforts. I am sure you will find some good Baha’i q&a here:

You can come back here and discuss the topic also.

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