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Part 11 – Baha’i Guardian Cannabis Double Standard

Baha’i Guardian’s Vehement Opposition to Marijuana

It is important to read this Testament from the beginning. It begins here:

This touchy subject needs to be exposed. With few exceptions, the Guardian of the Baha’i Faith, Neal Chase, will hate you if you are a pot smoker. It does not matter if you are medical or recreational; if you consume it Neal Chase will be against you, unless he changes. I know this because he told me so and acted accordingly, sacrificing me to make his statement to everyone about how anyone and everyone is expendable.

To really get a grasp on this I’ll need to go back in time to about 1994-95. I lived with Dr. Leland Jensen from 1990 to 1994. I was his student, gardener, grounds-keeper, pearl-diver and errand boy during that time period. Doc used to joke about how I wasn’t on the IBC but that I his jester, always humoring him with jokes and my clumsiness.

During the 1990’s there were a lot of people who had gone through the Firesides and embraced the Faith and proclaimed that they were “Baha’i Under the Provisions of the Covenant (BUPC).” I had met about 50 or so just in Missoula, MT. I know that about 20-30% of these members also consumed Cannabis. It was such a high number that eventually Doc asked the sIBC (second International Baha’i Council) to put the matter on the sIBC agenda for discussion. I’ll get back to this in a bit, but first…

Ever since I joined the BUPC in 1990, one of the members of the sIBC, Victor, whom Doc had appointed to the council early on (cir. 1991) smoked pot with me regularly, a couple times a week we’d smoke it. Victor introduced me to Carlotta Geesen’s (she was the treasurer of the sIBC) son, Dean as a source to buy good weed in Missoula. Dean was a member of the BUPC community also and he smoked and dealt pot heavily. After Victor introduced us it seemed that anytime I went to Dean for buds, a couple times a month, Victor was there, smoking or scoring buds from Dean.

One year, I think it was 1994, I was at the National Baha’i Gathering in Missoula, Victor asked me if I could send him a taste of the Buds grown in Alaska as I was working 4 months a year up in Alaska. When I got back to Alaska I had a friend mail Victor a taste of Alaska grown Cannabis. It seems that Victor left that envelope with bud in it on his work bench in Missoula and his wife Kay found it one day and saw that the return address on the envelope was Alaska. Kay put 2+2 together and reported this to Doc and the sIBC. This incident caused me a lot of problems with others in the Cause. Some of the Baha’is (Matt Razor and his wife Chris) used this incident as a justification to rip me off for several hundred dollars, which I was never able to recover.

I think it was in 1997 that I came down from Alaska, where Nefratiri and I were successfully pioneering a Baha’i community from scratch, to attend another National Baha’i Gathering; Victor and I took a drive and smoked pot together. During this drive Victor told me the following:

“The sIBC has ruled against Marijuana. The ruling was bullshit because we never used Shoghi Effendi’s five-step process. As soon as the matter was brought up for discussion, someone spoke up saying, ‘look, marijuana is against the law of the land and since Baha’is are supposed to obey the law of the land, it should be against Baha’i law to smoke pot!’ and with that one statement the issue was brought to vote and the council voted to ban pot from the Baha’i Faith. There was no ascertainment of the facts, there was no full and frank discussion. The ruling was made without using Shoghi Effendi’s five-step process, therefore it is not infallible or protected from error.”

This all came from Victors mind and mouth, not mine. This is the way Victor felt about the matter and he shared this view with me. At the time, Doc was huge on how the sIBC must use Shoghi Effendi’s five-steps in order to have the decisions of the council to be just and protected from error. And according to Victor, who was there in the meeting, the whole issue was just pushed through the council and voted on so quickly he could not even object. Later, in Anchorage, AK, I told Nefratiri about this whole incident and what Victor told me regarding the pot ruling. Later she told Neal that I had said that and all the sudden I am the one who is spreading this concept instead of Victor. In fact, this was one of the charges that was trumped up against me in Neal’s personal court case against me! He accused/charged/convicted me of “opposing the sIBC” based upon this misrepresented hearsay given to him by his newly-wed Nefratiri. I was accused of something that was Victors view and expression and Victor was never charged or talked to at all about it. Neal threw the white sheet over Victor and threw the bucket of mud on me.

Also, right before that sham court case that Neal Chase set up against me, when he and I were talking in private one day, I told Neal that I never really gave up on Nefratiri and my marriage and I had always hoped she would reconcile with me; Neal said: “Nefratiri left you because when she quit smoking pot, you didn’t. Let’s just hope that pot doesn’t cause you to lose even more important things in your life.”

The truth is, as soon as Neal said that to me back in 2001-2002, I had a hunch he would use pot as a way to kick me out of the Cause; that is, what he said was not an admonition, it was a threat.

In 2004, I called Neal from my Office in Carbondale. I wanted to ask him how I can fully remedy my situation and have everything restored to normalcy and I wanted to tell him about the powerful tool that this site was as a blog and how many members of the Cause were now contributing to the blog and also commenting on it and that this content was showing up well in Google searches. The problem with this call, it seems, was that I called him during the annual 19-day Baha’i fasting period. It was about 3:00 pm (right during the fast and a couple hours before it concluded for the day) Nefratiri answered the phone. I asked for Neal. She said, “Neal is sleeping, let me go see If I can wake him up.” Neal comes to the phone a couple minutes later, obviously pissed at me for waking him up from his nap during the fast. I asked him the question I called about and he replied: “Peace, remember that house we lived in up on the hill in Paonia (I think they were house-sitting it for a guy named Gary)? I said, “yeah, Gary’s place?” He said, “Yep. Remember what happened there, how we got kicked out?” I said, “Yes, Gary fucked you over, what does that have to do with me?” Neal replied, “Thanks for doing the same thing to me.” Then Neal hung up. Within 24 hours Neal had slapped an injunction on me, removed me from any access to the Baha’i List serve, and communicated to the entire faith that I should be “approached with caution” poisoning everyone against me. After Neal sent out that message to everyone, all Baha’i activity aside from mine ceased on this blog. A couple years later Neal started suggesting that Kay was going to start a new Baha’i blog and that everyone should participate in it. Neal, you just turned off my personal teaching effort online. I have another post coming that will flush out this subject thoroughly.

That injunction stayed on me for the next 5-YEARS! And for what? Because I woke Neal up from his sleeping through the fast?! That is certainly what it looked like to me. At that point of this entire debacle I reconciled that Neal did not like me nor did he want me around or in the Faith anymore and I suspected that he was attempting to get me to leave the Faith and the Cause, on my own, so he would not be criticized for excommunicating me unjustly, that is, Neal made the Faith/Cause inaccessible to me, deliberately crippled my teaching effort and hoped I‘d quit and just fade away into history and obscurity. Neal, you underestimated my commitment to the Cause, my tenacity, my resolve and my zeal. Rather than quit I chose to lump it and be patient. That didn’t work out so well for me did it?

Shoghi Effendi explained that injunctions should only be used as a temporary measure to check inappropriate behavior of Baha’is and that an injunction was not a remedy but a measure and that it should not be sustained against a Baha’i, because a drop that is isolated from the sea is sure to evaporate. But this is exactly what Neal did to me, was that he ordered an injunction placed on me in 2003 and then left it sitting on me for the next 5 years! This was done to purposefully isolate and alienate the BUPC community from regular contact with one of the most successful teachers in the history of the Baha’i Faith. Dr. Jensen had eulogized me so often and so much at the Missoula weekly forums, that many of the members held me in very high regard as a “man of action” and an “exemplary Fireside teacher.” But suddenly, no one is communing with me because Neal cut me out of the community forum online (blocking me from using the very “peopleofbaha” Yahoo Group that I had set up for the rescue of the Cause after Carlotta broke the Covenant and blocked Neal from the original BUPC Yahoo Group. Then Neal Chase also used that Yahoo group to “warn” the entire community that I should be “approached with caution” (that is, according to what one of the members reported to me in 2004). So in my case Neal removed my access to the group so I could not see the shit-talk he was backbiting me with on it, deliberately poisoning the whole community against me… the very same community that I had personally saved from Carlotta’s violation and delivered to Neal on a platter because I saw that Neal was the Guardian. Some of these Baha’i friends had thanked me dearly for “Saving them twice.” Once by meeting them and taking 40 hours of my time to teach them the Fireside classes which delivered them out of Babylon and a second time by delivering them to the Guardian when it looked like the sIBC was going to have Neal shunned as a Covenant-breaker! Neal Chase has no gratitude or loyalty unless you are willing to kiss his ass (or according to Victor Woods, kiss his big toe and ring). He is self serving to the umpteenth degree and if you don’t humbly serve Neal Chase then you better not voice your true opinions around him or you may find yourself shunned for life, as he has commanded my closest friends and coworkers for the past 24 years to do to me, that is, they are all commanded to shun me for life now.

If you smoke pot or consume cannabis you will need to conceal this fact in order to enjoy a normal status in the Baha’i Faith under Neal Chase, otherwise you will be part of the new Neal Chase marijuana Baha’i caste system. Let me explain. It was around 2008 that Victor Woods and I were on a pot smoking venture when Victor suggested I get a Medical Marijuana License for Colorado. He was insistent upon this. I did not even know such a program existed. But I looked into it because Victor indicated that this was a way to get that injunction lifted, which also indicates that the real reason Neal left me injuncted illegally for 5 years was because I was smoking pot. So I made an appointment with a Doctor. He interviewed me and looked at my medical record and saw that for years I had suffered from gout, arthritis, upper chronic back pain and lower chronic back pain (and Neal knew about my severe back pain because I used to have to lay flat on my back after the first ½ hour of the weekly Saturday forums, to help alleviate the pain) and severe headaches (not to mention childhood PTS) and since each of these ailments was individually on the list of conditions helped by Cannabis, this Doctor wrote me a recommendation and I was enrolled into the entirely legal and legitimate Colorado Medical Marijuana program. Then I moved to Paonia to be closer to my son and more Baha’is as everyone had left Glenwood Springs and dispersed, many moving over to the North Fork Valley as to be situated close to the Guardian.

I believe it was a year later, in 2010. I hosted a theme camp at the Dreamtime Festival in Paonia as part of my personal teaching effort. I had set up a “Prophecy Campus.” It was a huge success as many people came to talks that myself and Victor had prepared for the event. Hundreds of folks heard about the Baha’i Faith and the promised ones from this Prophecy Campus I set up. Reg Moore was there helping us with the effort also. After one of my talks, a very attractive woman asked me if I’d like to go smoke a bowl with her. I answered to her that, “although I am a state registered MMJ patient, I am not currently in pain so I don’t need to smoke right now but thanks for the offer.” Reg Moore appeared from outside the structure we had built and asked me, “What did I just hear you say?” I said, “What?” Reg said, “You just said something about MMJ patient?” I said, “Yes, I am a registered MMJ Patient with the State of Colorado.” Reg didn’t say anything more, however, he must have brought that news to Neal because I got a letter soon after explaining that the injunction that was sustained against me for the past 5 years was now lifted, since I had a medical permit for Cannabis that I was taking was no longer considered a violation of the sIBC ruling because I had a legal permit (just like the one Victor had for one year but then he never renewed). I thought the whole issue was fixed then and I was actually happy for the first time in years! Neal wanted to talk with me in private at my house about the lifting of the injunction.

It must be 2010 now and Neal shows up to my house. I thought it was to be the harbinger of good news. First Neal wanted to go over some things that had changed in the way the Firesides are being taught now, including information about teaching the proofs for Neal after the Proofs for Doc. That was the brief segment, which was followed by a straight up, non-stop, anti-marijuana rant.

I didn’t get to say anything the whole time he was there. He was there to lecture me.

The gist of Neal’s anti-mj rant was this: he said, “Marijuana is not allowed in the Baha’i Faith. People who use marijuana have skewed judgment and therefore will not be allowed to serve on Baha’i Councils, they will not be allowed to vote either. They will have to get off of marijuana before they can have these rights and privileges.” He may have also said that pot users could not attend 19 day feasts. Basically he was telling me that if someone was using pot they were not welcome in the Baha’i Faith. He also said, “Peace, you are not going to go to a Rainbow Gathering and get a bunch of pot-smokers to come to Paonia and set up a council to overrule the decision on pot. This will not happen. However, you and Victor are exceptions because you both met and studied the Baha’i Faith with Dr. Jensen.

In November of 2013 Victor and I were smoking a joint together in Paonia and I asked him why Neal isn’t down on him for pot smoking while Neal hated me for it. Victor explained, “I just told Neal that I am all right with it and between me and God, I am alright with it. Now, Neal never brings it up or talks about it to me, he just lets it be.” Thus Neal exercises a double standard, that is, Neal over looks Victor’s daily smoking of Cannabis but Neal kicks me out of the Faith over it.

This post could not be complete without pointing out about the recent occupation change of another of the currently active and in good standing sIBC members, appointed to that position by the Establisher, Dr. Leland Jensen. In 2011 this member of the sIBC (the highest body of Justice in the Baha’i Faith today) started growing Cannabis (over 40 pounds a year!) in his basement for black market profit. I was asked by this Baha’i marijuana grower not to tell Neal about his career change. I never said a word about it and Neal was basically already shunning me anyway. It was only after a year of this sIBC members pot-growing, without Neal’s knowledge, that Victor finally spilled the beans and told Neal about this other members grow operation (which Victor helped him construct!). What did Neal do about that news? He looked the other way (and continues to overlook it today in 2014, three years running). So, Neal Chase, please do explain exactly at what point in time does it stop being hypocritical for you to persecute, then prosecute, then hate, calumny and command everyone to shun me for being a medical marijuana patient trying to deal with chronic pain via natural, God-given Cannabis, while, regarding the daily usage of Cannabis by one member of the sIBC, and the massive grow operation of another sIBC (second International Baha’i Council) member goes unmentioned, unquestioned, overlooked and ignored? When is that not hypocrisy?

Neal, recently mis-quoted Baha’u’llah on this subject: in the 2014 Chinvat letter (This is the first Chinvat I’ve ever seen) Neal wrote:

“It hath been forbidden you to smoke opium and marijuana. We, truly, have prohibited this practice through a most binding interdiction in the Book. Should anyone partake thereof, assuredly he is not of Me. Fear God, O ye endued with understanding!” (Baha’u’llah, Aqdas, paragraph 190).

However if you actually look at the Aqdas it reads different:

190 It hath been forbidden you to smoke opium. We, truly, have prohibited this practice through a most binding interdiction in the Book. Should anyone partake thereof, assuredly he is not of Me. Fear God, O ye endued with understanding!

So now you can rewrite the Aqdas, add to the words of Baha’u’llah, Interpolate the sacred text? In the Will and Testament, Abdul-Baha tells the world that one of the greatest sins is to add to or interpolate the Holy Writ. I am sure the Aqdas is Holy Writ. So, Neal, if you are going to commit one of the greatest sins and change what Baha’u’llah wrote adding to it to serve your prejudice against natural medicine you should at least interpolate the Aqdas using the correct plant. The “cannabis” that you hate so much is not the Marijuana plant. Marijuana is actually a very low-grade of tobacco grown in Mexico. Marijuana is not a cannabis plant. The reason people who chose not to be educated on this matter call cannabis “marijuana” is because the oil companies decided to call it that in order to stigmatize cannabis with the name of a low grade tobacco called marijuana. This campaign to demonize cannabis was deliberate and very effective as today everyone mistakenly thinks cannabis is the plant marijuana while they are not even related. The fact is that I have never touched Marijuana in my entire life. So, Neal, in your cannabis ignorance, hatred, prejudice and intolerance, you’ve thrown me out of the Baha’i Cause for smoking the wrong plant. You should take some time to educate yourself on this matter:

Baha’u’llah would never have referred to cannabis as “marijuana” as they are not the same plant!

But the bigger question is this Neal, why is it that you over look one of your sIBC members having a full-time job growing cannabis daily and another of the sIBC members is smoking cannabis daily; the latter and his wife also help the grower to trim and process his cannabis and all this is okay with you, but you use it as an excuse to throw me out when really you just wanted me gone over a 12-year personal vendetta (as your wife has admitted to me is the real issue). So if you don’t like someone personally you just drive them away and if they won’t quit then you falsely accuse them of some vague violation and kick them out and command everyone to shun them so that the friends won’t learn the truth about your dark and evil side? But if they will kiss your ring (like Victor recommended I should do) and when they bring you and your kids an SUV filled with Christmas presents, then they are all chummy chum with you and even get appointed president of a regional council or some other fancy position, even though they have never taught a single fireside class to anyone, which is what happened in the case of the believer from New Mexico (or maybe she was from Florida). Nefratiri told me all about the SUV filled with Christmas presents and how uncomfortable she was over it but apparently you thought is was fine to get all these pagan holiday presents and even to reward her with a high administrative position in return. What you’ve done to me on the other hand is pure selfish, creature-comfort, corruption Neal Chase and you could care less because it makes you more comfortable to have me out of the picture. However, now that I am warmed up, I’m going to have to stick around a bit longer and finish this testament.

This testament continues… Check back later for more.





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Part 10 – Neal Chase Accuses Alaska Pioneer Knight of Baha’u’llah

It is important to read this Testament from the beginning. It starts here:

If there is one person who personally benefited more than any other by my demise in the BUPC, it is Colin O’Brien. For the role he played in getting rid of me he was very well rewarded. At this time, for example, Colin O’Brien has been appointed by Neal Chase to the highest position available in the Cause, that is, Neal appointed Colin to President of the United States National Baha’i Council. I believe that this appointment was due in part for how Colin facilitated Neal getting rid of me. Read the rest of this entry »

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Part 8: The Mysterious Disappearance of the Second International Baha’i Council

It is important to read this Testament from the beginning. It starts here:

After I did what I could to help rescue the the Baha’i Faith, built the tools Neal Chase would need for communications and got removed by the sIBC for breaking the Covenant for exposing Carlotta Geesen’s Covenant breaking scheme against the guardian Neal Chase and fellow sIBC member Victor Woods, I called Nefratiri (my ex-wife and mother of our son). This call was also on that Saturday. Nef was shunnning me as per Carlotta’s orders from the sIBC announcement. She could still talk to me though because we had a son together and he was like 3 or 4. I called her and asked how our boy was and then I asked her what she was going to do about this whole fiasco. She answered, “everyone down here is shunning you, Neal and Victor. However, Robert, I just want to know one thing. Is Neal the Guardian?” I answered, “what did I tell you about that while we were up in Alaska? That is what I still believe. But, why don’t you call Neal or come and talk to Neal about it yourself?” Read the rest of this entry »

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Part 7: How Robert Wright Rescued the Baha’i Faith

It is important to read this Testament from the beginning. It starts here:

Neal got pretty fed up with the stress and fiasco down in Glenwood Springs and He went up to Missoula. This is where the sIBC meetings were held also. Tom Maley let Neal stay in his basement guest room. A couple weeks later, I was on edge also and feeling like I would be better off somewhere other than Glenwood Springs. I was also weary of the chatter and back-biting. I was feeling a draw to go south for the Winter. So I decided I was going to Arizona while I was packed light and had no rental agreements or utilities binding me to any municipality. Before I headed out though, on a hunch, I called Neal in Missoula to bounce it off of him.

That conversation went something like this: Read the rest of this entry »

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Part 4: Pioneering Alaska

It is important to read this Testament from the beginning. It begins here:


It is Spring, 1996. I wanted to visit my family in Kansas before I moved to Alaska. On my way I stopped to visit the Colorado Baha’i Community in Aspen/Glenwood. Nefratiri was there. Remember, she found out about Baha’i by coming to my talks at the Rainbow Gathering. Nefratiri and I ran into each other a couple times while I was there. She invited me over to the Aspen Club to smoke some pot. I accepted and we hung out the rest of the evening. I was there in Aspen about 3 days. I went to Kansas for a few days then returned to Aspen. Nefratiri was just wanting to hang out with me and I was attracted to her so we did hang out. Kevin Seeley kept trying to track us down. After a couple days, Kevin knew that Nef and I were “seeing each other.” Kevin was expecting Nefratiri to fall for him and was pressing her to be his.

One night, Nefratiri took me up to a scenic spot in the hills above Aspen and snuggled up onto my lap and we made out. After a few minutes, Read the rest of this entry »

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Part 1: Baha’i Faith – My Formative Years 1990-1995

It is important to read from the beginning. This testament begins here:

When I landed in Missoula and found my way to Dr. Leland Jensen’s house. Neal Chase greeted me and within 5 minutes we were in Doc’s basement, Neal teaching me the first Fireside, called: Why Life. I was really fascinated with the information and it took about 2 hours for that first Fireside. I actually was thinking Neal was the Bahana because of the information I was getting from him. Actually it was just that he was an excellent teacher. But when we were done we went up for dinner and I was then introduced to Doc at the dinner table.

Neal took me through all 12 firesides in 5 days! Read the rest of this entry »

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How I Found the Baha’i Faith and What it Looks Like Today


Robert Wright did not “violate” anything and has been falsely accused of that heinous charge. The easiest way to describe what really happened, in a way that everyone can understand it, would be like this:  This is a case of the Pope excommunicating his wife’s ex-husband.  It has nothing to do with anything the ex-husband has done and the scheme has been in the works since at least when the Pope got remarried. But to see it in full context, to look at both sides of the coin, to know the truth of the matter, we need to go back to where it all started.

Shortly after I graduated from High School, in 1982, I found out about my Native American roots. I stopped going to church and got onto the Red Road which eventually led me to Hopi Land in Arizona. It was here that I found out about the promised one for Native Americans, the Bahana and that many thought this person was in the world. So I started traveling, hoping to find him. God answered my pure  prayers and led me right to him!

It was in 1990 that I wDr. Leland Jensenent to Missoula, Montana and finally met Dr. Leland Jensen, the Seventh Angel, Hopi Bahana and Establisher of the Baha’i Faith.  Doc and I liked each other immediately. Soon after, he told me that if I wanted to stay in Missoula for a while and study and deepen on the Baha’i Faith he would rent his basement to me, which I accepted. I then lived with him, washed his dishes, planted and harvested his farm, maintained his yards, buried his pets, and studied the Baha’i Faith daily with him for 3 and 1/2 years. Doc deepened me well on the inner workings of the true Baha’i Faith and he personally groomed my education to become a lifetime pioneer, to travel the world teaching and raising Baha’i communities from scratch. Read the rest of this entry »

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Victorious Bahais

Yo, Victor! There is a new category here called “Victory” and it is one way to address all those who think they can delete your voice online. Comments are enabled.

Maybe you want to set things up for us first and tell how we got to this point…

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Baha’i Faith Writings Category Added

I have added a category for Baha’i Faith writings. There are two works added to start with. They are Baha’u’llah’s Kitab-i-Ahd, and the Will and Testament of Abdu’l-Baha. Together, these two documents comprise the Covenant of the Baha’i Faith. You can navigate to the Baha’i Writings page from the link to your left or click on this link to access the Baha’i Faith writings new hub page.

If you would like to suggest other writings, send me an email and I’ll try to get them in the list and uploaded.



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