2009 New Mexico National Rainbow Gathering

We have a teaching effort at the 2009 National Rainbow Gathering. Our camp is called CAMP BAHA. Look for us on the main map. Here is our schedule of presentations for 2009 Rainbow Gathering in New Mexico:

Tuesday, June 30th… 8pm New Jerusalem in the Rockies, See explicitly how the Rocky Mountains are the prophesied New Jerusalem from the Book of Revelation, crystal clear proof.

Wednesday, July 1… 3pm The Great Pyramid of Giza, A Chronological Book of Prophecy in Stone.

Wednesday, July 1… 8pm Islamic Prophesies Come with an open mind!

Thursday, July 2… 3pm The Secret of True Unity Progressive Revelation and the
Tree of Life.

Thursday, July 2… 8pm Kabbalah The Point of Adoration, Fourth Dimensional Awakening

Friday, July 3… 11am The Rainbow Oracle About the Rainbow Families Core Prophecy.

Friday, July 3… 3pm Native American Prophecies A Message for all Mankind.

Friday, July 3… 8pm The Anti-Christ and the New World Odor The Trumpet is Sounding!

We hope you can make at least one of these presentations. See you in Wyoming…

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2 Responses to “2009 New Mexico National Rainbow Gathering”

  1. 1 tim
    1:17 pm on July 05, 2009

    thank you all for a wonderful time…this was my families first gathering…we will be back…the people we met were awsome…the whole experience was something i will never forget…but i think the most beautiful thing was when the rainbow came out…it lasted forever….so bright so full of color….thank you all for the best fourth of july w’ve ever had…..gg…ricky..fluffy..and all the others who treated us like family…hope to see you next year…please stay in touch…timnpeta2006@aol.com

  2. 2 Peace
    2:08 pm on July 08, 2009

    Tim, we had a great time too, and yes that PHAT double rainbow on the 4th did light up the whole gathering!!! It was one of the best I’ve ever seen. Did you make it to one of the Camp Baha presentations? They all went very well and a lot of people were awakened this year. We were neighbors with Milliways this year up on the hill I was calling Mount Carmel.

    We are going to the 8th annual Dreamtime Festival in Colorado next, June 16-20. You can find us at our theme camp called “Prophecy Campus.”

    I’ll be posting the schedule of our presentations for Dreamtime ’09 soon.

    Lovin’ You!


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