Prophecy Campus at Dreamtime in Paonia Colorado

This year, 2008, Dreamtime celebrated her 7th anniversary. Dreamtime is a uniquely Colorado festival in Paonia.

After the Rainbow Gathering, I got a hold of the management at Dreamtime and they scholarshipped us for a “Prophecy Campus” at Dreamtime 2008. The timing was sweet and no one can say there isn’t spontanaety at Dreamtime. This festival is small but real sweet. Victor and Josiah joined me, and together we built a little shanty shelter and set up a stove and a lantern and that big orange tent. It was windy in the am but the fort was strong and held up to all weather.

We were listed in the Dreamtime schedule booklet for three talks. We actually did five talks. Almost each talk our audience doubled. One fellow, and a real nice fellow at that, came to the first talk, then showed up to every one of the rest of the talks, a smart fellow he is, while others came back to talks with friends, or by referal, and from the Schedule too.

We also had a big white board with the schedule of talks and a sweet banner for the front(ish) entrance. It read:

5pm – New Jerusalem in the Rockies
8pm – The Harvest: Rapture or Ripoff?

3pm – Nostradamus and the King of Terror!
5pm – Native American Prophecies

5pm – Kaballah and Great Pyramid Prophecies

The talks all went great. A lot of people got a seed there this year. People were telling us things like that they had end time visions convincing them to move to the Rockies, and, that they didn’t know why they came to Dreamtime until they found our camp and went to a talk!

It was really cool. But if you come next year be prepared for really hot! Paonia is one sunny place. I am going to try and get the camp set up again for next year on a little grander scale though. Our shanty worked but it looked like something from Mad Max!

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2 Responses to “Prophecy Campus at Dreamtime in Paonia Colorado”

  1. 1 Peace
    12:53 pm on May 08, 2009

    I just filled out the application for Prophecy Campus 2009 at Dreamtime this summer.

  2. 2 Peace
    2:20 am on June 04, 2009

    Excellent! I just received confirmation that Prophecy Campus will be a Theme Camp at Dreamtime for 2009. I’ll try to get our schedule of presentations there up soon.


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